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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Call To Confirm Your Email Ticket Number W91237H67B4


Call To Confirm Your E-mail Ticket Number: W-91237-H67/B4.
Post bus 3334, 5902 RH Venlo
Den Haag, The - Netherlands
REF: No: MSB/BC921245/KY14
TICKET: No: W-91237-H67/B4

We are pleased to
inform you of the result of the STAATSLOTERIJ NL Email Winners
International programs held on 27th day of September 2007, and the
result was released today 4th day of October 2007. Your email address
have been selected as one of the lucky winners in the 3rd category,
therefore you have been approved for a lump sum payout of 920.000.00
Euro (Nine Hundred and Twenty Thousand Euro.

To file and claim your
winning, please contact our claim-processing department for the
processing of your winning particulars with the contact information's

Mr. Fabry Joseph
Staatsloterij Processing Dept.
Tel: +31- 619 323107
Fax: +31- 847
You are advice to
provide them with the information below, for the processing of your
winning particulars.

(1) Full Name:
(2) Tel/Fax #:
(3) Ref, Batch and
Ticket numbers above:
(4) Country origin:
(5) Amount Won:
(6) Age:
(8) Contact Address

NOTE: All winnings must be claimed
not later than 18th day of October 2007, after this date all unclaimed
funds will be included in the next stake. Anybody under the age of 18
is automatically disqualified.
Congratulation's once more, as we expect
you to make good use of the funds.

Staatsloterij Sweepstakes
International Program.
Mr. Savoldo Maurizio. Online coordinator