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Saturday, October 20, 2007


From: isoqlottoprogrammeseresmascom lottoprogrammeseresmascom - iso-8859-1?q?

INTERNATIONAL LOTTO ORGANIZATION Rue 153 Juan Hurtado De Mendoza 6D 28044, Cotonou Republic du Benin
UNCLAIMED LOTTO PRIZE PAYMENT NOTICE.   ATTENTION TO THE OWNER OF THIS EMAIL ADDRESS; Winner in the 2nd category of our Euroafriq free Net Lottery Promotional award draws held December 2006.
I am writing in respect to your lotto winning prize of $915,810.00(Nine hundred and fifteen thousand eight hundred and ten US Dollars only) which you won through the email ballot draws in our Euroafriq Lotto Award in 2006 in the second category prize winnings category. We wish to inform you that your total prize money of $915,810.00 has been returned to us by our Lotto claims Agent as unclaimed prize after their initial letter to your address for your payment was not successful, We are writing in regards to payment of your Winnings to you.   You are here by requested to contact our Treasury Office on telephone (00229)93013428 or email: ( ) for your immediate payment.Our Treasury officer's name is Morgan Anderson, so refer this to him and contact him immediately for your unclaimed lotto prize payment to you.   You should contact our Treasury Officer as directed above for your payment, and do notify me as soon as you received your payment from our Treasurer.   Thanks, Mrs Vera Gonzales. President; Int'l Lotto Org.

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