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Sunday, October 21, 2007


From: From Desk Of The President -

From Desk Of The President
African Development Bank,
Official Site:
Tel: 234-1-7936059 Ext 101

I Am Mr. Donald Kaberuka, The President, African Development Bank. This Is To
Bring To Your Notice That My Office Has Taking Over All The Money Transaction
Originated From Any were in the world/Part Of African And Europe Countries As
Contract Payment, Fund Inheritance Or Lottery Winning Due To
Unauthorized/Incapability Of Financial Institutions/Security Companies In
Releasing Such Huge Sum Of Money Due To Fraud, Terrorist And Money Laundry
Activities Going On World Wide.

The World Bank Group Has Mandated The African Development Bank Via My
Office To
Release Funds To Beneficiaries Through wire transfer to your nominated bank
account. Hence Your Name Appears As One Of The Fund Beneficiaries Whom Their
Fund Was Successfully Cleared Recently From Terrorist And Money Laundry And
Your payment Will Be Released To You as soon as possible To Avoid Paying
Excess Charges.

As Regard To This Arrangement, You Are Advised To Contact my office now .my
Direct Telephone Number 234-1-7936059 Ext 101,or cell phone:234-
8054714477,Email:( and also To Forward
Your Direct Tel/fax Numbers, and Your Complete information For Immediate
Release Of Your Money, Most Importantly Be Aware That Ten Million Dollars Only
(US$10,000, 000.00) Was Allocated To You, Be Also Informed That The Fund
Approvals And Authorization Document Including Anti-terrorist Clearance
Certificate Was Issued In Your Name And Has Been Handed Over to our bank To
Release To You Through Any Faster Courier Company, Therefore Be Aware
That Your
Fund Has Obtained All Her Clearance To Be Released To You.

Finally we are Standby to Receive Your Communication and Release Your Funds to
You Through the mode of payment you will need that is listed above Without
Further Delay. Make Your Contact Directly to my office by Telephone
Number 234-
1-7936059 Ext 101; Email ( Any Time
Because We Are Working 24 Hours To Be Able To Meet up With The Mandate
Given By
The World Bank. It Is Better That You Contact me For More Detailed Information
and your among the 100 people that will recieve payment this month.

Thanks For Your Cooperation.
Mr.Donald Kaberuka (President)
Tel: 234-1-7936059 Ext 101
Please make sure you verify this: Official Site: