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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Unclaimed FundFinal Notice You advise to call the Telephone number below to claim your US222000000

From: Redkings Online -

Redkings Online Promotions

Eastern-Cape, 8001

South Africa.

Congratulations!!!! "You have won US$2,220,000.00 from Redkings Online


For Claiming, Urgently call or contact;

Mr. Williams Evans

Tel:+ 27-78-847-9770

Fax: + 27-11-219-7387




We wish you success in our Redkings Online Promotions/Email Internet

Program made today 22th October 2007 which was held on August 2007.

Your Email Address was attached to Ticket No: 07-12-35-54-55-02 Drew the

Lucky No:

15-19-24-27-47 + 11 from 800,000 Email Addresses consequently won in the 2nd

Category. You have therefore been approved to claim a Star Prize of


in cash credited to File No: M1/2007/08/001. Below is your Winning Details;

Reference No: RKO/609778/ZAR

Batch No: JS/945222/ZAR

Amount Won: US$2,220,000.00

For more information about your winning, click the below link to verify


winnings details, can as

well view

the past winners,

"The Validity period of the winnings is (10) Working Days, of your reply

to the

Agency; hence you are expected to make your claims immediately, any claim

not made

before this date will be returned as UNCLAIMED."

To claim your winning prize, you are to contact the appointed agent for the

immediate release of your winnings:

Redkings Online Promotions

Mr. Williams Evans

Tel:+ 27-78-847-9770

Fax: + 27-11-219-7387



Congratulations'' once again from all our Staff and thank you for being

part of

our Promotions Program.

Yours Truly,

Mrs. Carolyn A. Taylor

Promotions Manager

Redkings Online Promotions

Eastern Cape, South Africa

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(Reg No: 2000/003778/07